Discover Comster

Change design with a single click

With Comster, you can change the colour scheme of your entire website at the push of a button! The transformation takes place immediately and gives your website a whole new character, with new fonts, background colours, shades and shapes.

And you can change back to your previous settings whenever you like, just as quickly. No lost information or system crashes – the content is never affected!

Choose from a wide range of ready-to-use modules and color themes to create your unique website. Comster has something to suit everyone. Whether you’re creating a website for your local football club or opening an online shop to sell your own brand, Comster has the tools you need to succeed! And we’re developing new ones all the time.

In the user environment you’ll find a variety of different modules which you can combine freely to build your own website. With attractive details and customised navigation, Comster gives your readers a user experience above the ordinary, whether they’re browsing on their smartphone, tablet or computer.