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How to set up a custom domain

When you register an account with Comster, you are automatically assigned a free domain, for instance If you wish, you can also link a personal domain to your website, such as

For further information about how to adapt your free domain, click here.
Don’t have a domain name yet? Click here for further information about how to get a domain name.

I already have an existing domain I wish to link
If you already have an existing domain you wish to link to your website, there are some settings that need to be made with your domain name registrar to make sure it can communicate with Comster.

What to do:

1. Go to Site settings > Domain in your Comster user environment. Enter your domain in the custom domain name field. If for instance you have bought the domain name, enter in the field. Save the settings.

2. The domain is now linked to your Comster account, and the following settings need to be made in your domain provider’s control panel:

a. > CNAME
b. > redirect

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours before all the settings are activated and you can access your website via the new domain, although it is often far quicker.

This feels difficult, what should I do?
If you don’t feel comfortable changing your domain settings yourself, we recommend contacting your domain provider and asking them to make the changes for you. However, remember that you must perform step 1 above for the domain to communicate with your Comster account.

Please feel free to use the following email template to contact your domain provider:


I have a domain registered with you, which I would like to redirect to my new website. Please make the following changes to my settings: > CNAME and > redirect [Don’t forget to change to the name of the domain you wish to link to Comster].

Please confirm that you have received this e-mail and made these changes. Thanks for your help!

Your name”

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