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Everyone can create a professional website, blog or online store with Comster. Choose from a wide range of attractive modules and color themes. Connect a domain name, write your story and upload some pictures. It really is that simple! With Comster, anyone can create a stunning website. Why not do it today?

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Obviously, we made it mobile friendly

With Comster you get a mobile-friendly website, straight out of the box. Comster is reader-friendly on all devices, and adapts to all screen shapes and sizes. Our unique One Page Design makes your website attractive, fast and easily accessible on a smartphone, tablet or computer. You focus on the content, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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A vibrant website is one that communicates and sells best. Keep your readers informed with the latest news, and share exciting events on social media. Blogging is fun with Comster. Choose your blog module and get started in just a few minutes. Open an account and test the blog tool today!

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Start your own e-commerce

Open an online store and take payment directly online. Getting started is quick and easy. With Comster, anyone can sell products online. Easy order management, discount vouchers, detailed sales statistics and much more, directly in the user environment. Upload your own product catalog and take your first order today!

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Comster has everything you need to create a stunning website. No technical know-how required. Just click, write and publish. Web hosting and customer support are included in all our subscriptions. Set up an account today and try Comster free for 14 days!

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Hugo Lagerman

Building a site has never been easier. This is amazing! @gocomster #webeditor #CMS

Sara Strand

Click, write and publish - done! I'm working on my new online store. #e-commerce #creativity

Linda Bergman

Without any web knowledge I was able to publish my cookbook online. And it looks awesome. #gocomster


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